About Us

Midtown Industrial sales Inc. (MISI) is an importer, wholesaler and retailer of general hardware products. Steel products, industrial and mill supplies, scaffolding clamps, industrial pumps, lighting fixtures, electrical supplies and Jinbei Automobile, these are a few of the integral part of of our product portfolio.


From it’s humble beginnings, realizing the need for a locally produced and high quality welding electrode, MISI boldly ventured into the welding consumable market in 1996. Soudoweld Industrial Philippines, Inc. a sister company of MISI, is engaged in the manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing of “Soudoweld welding consumables”.


In 2007, MISI acquired the exclusive and sole distribution of CKM ceiling Suspension System and boards imported from Taiwan. This new partnership with CKM broadened and increased the client base of MISI.


Midtown Industrial Sales Inc. has been servicing various industries since 1978 along with our partnered manufactuturers and importers. Our people is key to the development and sustainability of the business we build with our partners.


We look forward to being your business partners, we are confident that our experience, credibility in the market and technical abilities will suffice to provide you and your company superior service and outstanding results​.